LED Display Luminous Words Common Problems and Solutions

Short LED Life

The theoretical service life of LED display produced by regular manufacturers is generally around 80,000 hours. Now, many luminous characters have not used enough for one year and began to frequently replace LED lighting modules, which has brought a lot of trouble and economic loss to customers and advertising manufacturers.

Solution: Purchase qualified LED single lamp pellets produced by regular manufacturers (the quality parameter description provided by the manufacturer is required), and make the module yourself. Do not try to buy a single Novastar TB8 or a manufactured module in the electronic display market. If you need to buy a module, you should see how many resistors are installed on the module. It is best not to use a module with one resistor installed. The resistor plays a current limiting role in the module and is easy to generate heat. Continuous use for a long time, once the resistance is burned out, this module will not light up. LED lights are generally not bad. Don’t throw away the module, just replace it with a resistor of the same resistance and use it normally. This saves money for production units. In order to reduce trouble and save money, it is best to choose a module with two resistors. In addition, understand the production facilities of the supplier of the module, and see if it uses anti-static facilities when making the module. If there is no additional anti-static device, even if the resistance is not burned out, the LED lamp technology is easily damaged by breakdown.

Colors Decay Very Fast

The color of the newly installed luminous characters is pure and bright, and the color will be dim after less than one year of use. It is very ugly to make the font red or red or green or green.

Solution: The safe use current of LED lamps is generally 20 milliamps. Above this value, although the brightness will increase a little, the color attenuation will significantly accelerate. Therefore, when purchasing an assembled LED module for testing, you must test its output current value. Brightness below 20 milliamps is not enough, and more than 22 milliamps affects LED life and accelerates color decay.

Color Unevenness and Obvious Color Difference

Mainly manifested in the large-size luminous characters made of pure white LED. During assembly need to know, the performance of a single module is not obvious. After the entire font is assembled, the color difference is clearly displayed. The entire font is like a map, white, blue, and yellow.

Solution: White LED control card need to be spectroscopic and color-separated before leaving the factory (LEDs that have not passed through the color-separation color separation are pure white, some are bluish, and some are yellow). In general, small factories do not have this kind of equipment, so white light produced is usually obtained from large factories for spectroscopic separation. Since it is not a product of its own factory, spectroscopic separation is not as careful. Some small factories simply do not distinguish between colors. They generally pull customers at low prices. Therefore, don’t blindly try to buy cheap white LED display controller, you must buy the same manufacturer, the same batch, the same color number of the LED light-emitting tube single particle lamp or module to make the same batch of luminous characters.

Suddenly Off or Not On

After being used for a period of time, the luminous characters start to flicker in part or the entire font light source. Most of the light-emitting modules in novastar currently on the market are connected by patch cords. In this way, the advertisement maker is convenient and quick when installing the light emitting module. However, there are also some new problems. Because the connector is oxidized by moisture in the air during long-term use, it is easy to oxidize and cause poor contact. not bright.

Solution: a. No connector is needed when making the module, and it is directly connected with copper tin-plated wire and then welded with activated carbon solder. b. Use artificial agate to make fully enclosed hollow three-dimensional luminous characters to isolate the light source from contact with air.

The Font Output Power Is Large, and The Power Saving and Energy Saving Are Not Obvious.

Solution: Try to use an LED light-emitting module with a set of five lights technology, so that the number of lights has not changed, and the power has been reduced by two-fifths.

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