ROV Pressure Testing

We made the DARTT Recorder pressure testing units compatible for ROV pressure testing operations after client feedback and feature requests.

The sensor is mounted on the ROV and the surface readout unit (DARTT Recorder Embedded Software Touchscreen) is operated from the control cabin. We greatly appreciate the client feedback and feature requests as this is how we build the perfect tools and this ROV version has become quite popular.
The ROV DARTT Recorder is even easier to install now as it no longer requires the 1 atm housing. The pressure / temperature sensor has been re-designed with the following;

  • 4000m rated subsea without the housing.
  • Reduces electrical and hydraulic interfaces.
  • Small footprint and lightweight.

Rig based ROV pressure testing allows for more tasks to be completed off rig time and ROV intensive LWI operations can benefit from the same opportunities.

The ROV DARTT Recorder allows pressure testing to be carried out efficiently, with assured specification compliance and with all of the tools for monitoring test health and pass / fail probability.

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