9 Must Have Golfing Equipment For Golfers

Apart from having the necessary equipment like balls, clubs, and tees. What other items do you need when playing golf at West Chester, PA? We’ve collated a list of nine essential golfing equipment a golfer should possess. They include:

Rain Gloves

Not all golfers use gloves in perfectly normal weather conditions. The use of rain gloves, however, during wet weather can’t be overemphasized. Rain gloves are innovative products used by golfers to tighten their grip on their slippery golf clubs due to rain.

As rain gloves get wetter, the firmer your grip. Consequently, you focus on your main worries without the thought of your club releasing prematurely.

White Wooden Tees

A golf tee is a small wooden device used in propping up a golf ball. A golf tee is typically used in the first shot of each new hole. While they come in different colors, a white wooden tee is a must-have when playing golf.

When playing golf West Chester PA, it’s not advisable to venture in without an adequate supply of white wooden tees available to you.

Ball Markers

A ball marker is a piece of essential equipment to have when playing golf. Usually, there’s the need for a golf ball to be removed when it’s in the way of another player’s shot, as it can incur a penalty. A ball-marker then is used on the putting green to avoid a penalty.


All golfers have caps. Whether a cap suits you or not, you must have one on when you’re on the golf course.

Wearing a cap, therefore, is crucial as the sun can make an occasional appearance anytime. And if you don’t have any headgear, your game is affected adversely.


A towel plays an essential role at the golf course, and heading out without one is never advisable.

From cleaning your balls, unclogging grooves, and drying your grips, having a towel is essential.  Without one, things go unhygienic pretty quickly!


Imagine getting set to swing your club, and you’re met with heavy rain. Therefore, having an umbrella prevents you from getting drenched and unsettled by gale winds when playing golf.

Practice Bags

If you’re looking to improve your short game, having a practice bag is essential. Practice bags are bags that can house all the things you’ll be needing during practice, thereby ensuring that they’re all in one place.

GPS Device

GPS devices are essential in pinpointing your exact position on the golf course. These devices give valuable information on yardages, distance to the green, and distance to golfers’ hazards.

Using a GPS device is one effective way amateur golfers can improve their game massively.


Hydrating yourself with the right kind of liquid is crucial. Investing in a flask is vital because not all golf courses have tea shops where you can readily go to grab that nice cup of tea. That said, you’re sorted with your flask.

Having the above equipment when playing golf at West Chester, PA, ensures that you’re prepared for any scenario thrown at you.