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Why Are Interpretation Services In Dubai Important For Hebrew?

Hebrew is one of the oldest languages that is still popularly spoken and recognized in modern times. Moreover, it is one of the few languages that has given root to many other languages. This classical version is the native language of Israel and works as a connecting thread between the people of Israel and their culture and history.

While it is the only means of communication of around nine million people across the globe, the rest of the Arab people don’t understand Hebrew. So, it is no wonder that interpretation services in Dubai are something that is a great attraction for many people from all walks of life. When it comes to studying religion, history, and other scholarly ancient works, requests and demands for translators and translating companies that can help translate from Hebrew to English is nothing that is out of routine. 

Here we have gathered a list of reasons why interpretation services in Dubai are important. 

Historical and religious studies

Hebrew is also referred to as the holy language since ancient times. Being the language of the Bible, Hebrew holds significant religious as well as cultural importance and influence. 

Moreover, there are many famous writers of ancient times such as Yehuda Amichai, A.B. Yehoshua, Amos Oz who have written their thoughts on Jewish existence. There are numerous popular accounts of the joys and sorrows they shared, the emergence of Israel, conflicts of the Middle East and many more literary works that hold great importance in historical studies even today. 

To learn about such a kind of history and fully study the Bible in its true essence by someone who is not fluent in Hebrew, translators that provide interpretation services in Dubai in a correct manner without any errors are crucial and crucial. 


As Israel’s economy continues to advance ranking 22 on the UN’s Human Development Index, it is no surprise that Israel has an influential standing in the world market, which is expanding more and more every day. Being ranked as a highly developed country, it is well understood that the standard of living in Israel is much higher than many of the other Western countries. 

Keeping in mind the flourishing position Israel enjoys in the business market, it is no wonder that many people worldwide want to start their business ventures in Israel and become a part of their leading business community. However, it must be understood that one of the primary languages of Israel is Hebrew and in order to start any kind of business venture in Israel, one must overcome this language barrier that occurs between the locals of Israel and the foreign people.

To enjoy the benefits of Israel’s influence in the world market, there are companies that offer interpretation services in Dubai to make communication easier. This includes translation of all kinds of business-related paperwork, legal documents related to the beneficiary and owner of business, and even advertisements related to the business. 

Moreover, in recent times, there have been many business partnerships between Israel and the UAE. Therefore, business owners residing in UAE and Dubai might also find Hebrew to English translators of great use.

Government careers

Translation and interpretation services might also be of great use to the foreign people (especially from UAE) that are planning to pursue a career in the Israeli government. With the increasing international relations between the government of UAE and Israel, both governments consider Hebrew as a crucial language. The governments give benefits such as scholarships and better job opportunities to people who are well versed in the Hebrew language. Hence, UAE residents should surely seek the services of companies that provide interpretation services in Dubai.

Travelling purposes

Israel has always been popular amongst the tourists, with 6 percent of Israel’s workforce earning its livelihood solely from tourism.  

Jerusalem, being the most popular tourist city of Israel and ranked as the 7th best city in the world, offers many attractions in the form of historical, religious and archaeological spots. Each of these destinations has its own history and identity, which can be fully enjoyed with a translator’s help that can provide interpretation services in Dubai.

Moreover, the city TelAviv is another huge attraction for tourists ranked amongst the top 10 beach cities of the world by National Geographic. It has a party atmosphere of great interest to many young tourists and can fully be befitted with some interpreter who can help these tourists overcome their translation barrier. 

This translation facility will allow the tourists to have a visual journey of the many attractions Israel has to offer and fully immerse themselves in their culture, learn about the various histories, and interact with the locals to have an enjoyable and memorable experience in Israel. 

Need of interpretation services in Dubai for immigrants

Israel has an open system of immigration for all people who possess Jewish ethnicity. 

Moreover, immigrants such as:

  • people who are looking to study in Israel and hence are looking for a student visa
  • individuals apart from Jewish people, who fulfill the criteria and are eligible to apply for immigration in Israel, are thus looking for temporary resident visa
  • Palestinian refugees 
  • Israeli Arabs
  • those who are looking to perform certain religious activities and are looking for a clergyman visa
  • people coming to Israel for career opportunities applying for work visa 
  • ones wishing to meet their loved ones applying for visitor visa

All such people might find it beneficial to get in touch with a company that provides Dubai’s interpretation services. This will make the visa process easier and help gather all the necessary documents such as birth certificate, legal documents, terms and conditions, and all such official documents in translated form that are required by the government of Israel for the immigration process. 


To summarize everything, we can state that with Israel’s growing power and impact on the world map, more and more people are looking to be a part of it. This naturally increases the importance of translation companies that provide translation and interpretation services in Dubai.