striped indoor outdoor rug

Stylish Striped Indoor Outdoor Rug and the Things to Consider When Buying One and How to Take Care

Striped indoor outdoor rug can add glamour to your interior as well as your exterior areas. Come to think of it, a rug labeled ‘WELCOME’ will usher in your visitors. In addition to holding a welcoming note, rugs placed indoors or outdoors enhance your interior decor greatly. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. You can have them at the bathroom door, under that magnificent glass table or better still on your patio. It does not matter whether you have wall to wall carpeting, you can have a few contemporary area rugs to contrast your floor carpet.

Whether you want rugs for your patio, living room or even bedroom, if you consider the following factors you will definitely get a rug that will suit your taste and style.

Buying Guide for Striped indoor outdoor rug

striped indoor outdoor rug

Type of Materials – Rugs collect dirt fast and they also get worn out quickly. That is why you will need a material that will stand all the pressures of weather, wear and tear. They are crafted from different materials depending on the usage. For instance, outdoor mats are made of natural fibers such as hemp, sea grass and sisal among others.  These are admirably durable, absorbent and add texture to the area. Others are made of synthetic materials. These are easy to clean and dry fast. Outdoor area rugs made of natural materials will cost you more than the synthetic ones.

Choose the right size and shape – The size of the rug you buy will depend on the area you want to define. Therefore, measure the space before you set off to the market. Living room rugs for placing under dining sets should be size-able enough to accommodate the whole furniture. Striped indoor outdoor rug come in various shapes. Select one that will match with the area you want covered.

Consider Patterns – In the past rugs will only be available in unappealing dark brown hues. Today, they come in stunning solid colors with patterns ranging from geometric to flowers. While choosing the patterns for contemporary area rugs, be sure they complement the furniture and other decorations in the room.

Taking Care of Striped Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

How long the rugs stay will depend on the maintenance you render them. Although, they are made to stand extreme conditions, you should not neglect them. No visitor will be happy to be welcomed by a stained mat. Here are some guidelines on how to keep the rugs as good as new;

Vacuum clean the rugs – This can be done regularly to suck up dust and other allergens that could have accumulated in the rug. Be sure to clean it on the underside not to destroy the fringes.

For the top part you can use your hands with a carpet shampoo and some water. Stains are better removed through blotting with a piece of cloth dampened with the stain remover. Anytime you register a stain on the rug, it is good to remove it immediately before it is stuck.

For smaller rugs hand washing will be just fine, in particular those made from synthetic materials.