Pool-Remodel Hidden Hills

Pool Remodeling in Hidden Hills

Valley Pool Plaster is the number one choice for Hidden Hills pool remodeling. We also design, build, and repair pools, so we understand every aspect of a healthy swimming pool and how to return it to good as a new condition.No matter how bad the condition may be today, we can bring it back to life.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Valley Pool Plaster excels in complete swimming pool restoration and remodeling. We can apply a new plaster coat, repair pool cracks, and put in a completely new pool deck. Whether you are just looking to freshen up the look with minor pool repair or if you are looking for a complete pool remodel, we will exceed your expectations. The addition of a new fountain, waterfall, or artificial rock-work can really transform the appearance of your pool. Resurfacing your pool deck provides a major visual improvement and we can show you new design options utilizing textured concrete, stone, pavers, or tile.

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Hidden Hills Pool Restoration

Pool restoration typically involves bringing a pool back to its original glory. Whereas remodeling implies substantial improvements and changes to the original design, restoration focuses rehabilitating the original core elements. Pool restoration requires having knowledge of the materials that were originally used to build your swimming pool. We’ve been in business long enough to know how pools were built 30 years ago as well as one built last week. We are happy to visit your pool and discuss your options.

Pool Remodeling

How about adding a spa or waterfall to your existing poolscape? We can transform your pool into a modern oasis with L.E.D. lights, fountains, and slides. Pool remodeling may become necessary for years of harsh weather. Sometimes a pool is in great shape, but the dated design leaves a lot to be desired. You don’t have to wait until a pool is in disrepair before improving its function and appearance.

Commercial PoolCommercial Pool Restoration

Commercial pool remodeling and restoration are additional services that we offer. We handle jobs from big to small, from large hotel swimming pool resurfacing to small residential spa installation, Tropical is your Hidden Hills pool remodeling professionals.