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Perfect Coffee Beans to Kick Start 2018

The morning coffee. It is a waking ritual. It is preparation; a way of getting ready for the busy day ahead. And when those days are particularly busy, coffee can become an essential survival tool, more precious than water. Not just for the energy boost, but the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. The sound of a commercial espresso machine, or the hiss of frothing coffee. It doesn’t matter how you like your coffee. The experience of good coffee is just as important as the caffeine.

At Coffex, we understand that the morning coffee is one of those little things that makes the big things more bearable. So to start 2018, we take a look at some of the perfect coffee beans to kick start 2018.

Natural and hand-picked from Colombia.

Colombia | J.Arcila

We start our pilgrimage with coffee beans meticulously hand-picked, and grown by Jairo Arcila in Finca Santa Monica. Developed by the Colombian Coffee Federation, this varietal was created to fight against leaf rust disease. This natural processing, combined with its location 1900-2200 metres above sea level, helps provide unique and distinctive notes. Specifically, affectations of blueberries, liquorice, sweet syrup and dark cherry.

RFA Certified blend out of Zambia

Zambia | Mafinga Hills

Straight from the Kateshi and Insanya estate comes the complex berry aftertaste of specialty grade coffee beans. Embracing the acidity, of lemon and lime, the citric flavours are balanced with facets of melon and raisins. This mix varietal is grown between 1300-1600 metres. This variance above sea level for either estate certainly contributes to the complexity of the blend, with the higher elevations creating denser beans and different flavours.

coffee beans perth
coffee beans perth

Good Coffee and education in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua | B.B. Candy

La Bastilla holds two coffee farms approximately 1350 metres above sea level and from them comes nuances of Blueberries, Zesty Lime, Pineapple, and Vanilla. Our love of such a balanced flavour is paired with appreciation for La Bastilla and their work with the Foundation of Rural Education and Entrepreneurship. A foundation that promotes education to the farms youth.

Roasted in the suburbs. Sourced from the world.

While we roast locally from our Brunswick location, we source from over 25 countries, across 4 continents, because we strive to find flavours to match all palettes. Looking for the finest coffee has taken us around the globe. If you would like to experience more of the unique coffee flavours, see our specialty coffee range. Alternatively, you can buy coffee beans perth from our classic range, Organic Fairtrade, or coffee pods.

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