How We’re Improving Our Online Ticketing Service in 2019 and Beyond

We’re always hard at work with thoughts and actions of improving our services and software. 2019 is going to be an exciting year for everyone and we look forward to offering everyone the best online ticketing system possible – at an even better price – as usual. That’s always our goal at XL Center Tickets – to offer an amazing service at a great price. Our prices start at a flat $1 per ticket for all events and CAN go down based on your volume. We also offer extensive discounts for non-profit groups and organizations so contact us for pricing anytime! Let us know how we can help.

Now on to the juicy details. Below are some of the new features and improvements that we’re going to be rolling out very soon. This is in no way a comprehensive list – just a quick list of things that we think you might be interested in. Of course this list will always be evolving because we’re always trying to take suggestions on how we can improve our system.

We look forward to working with you in the new year and beyond.

Ability to define different pricing for adult, child, senior or student for general or reserved events.

Improvements to the Venue Builder options so you can build more complex seating charts with less effort. Remember, with XL CENTER SEATING CHARTS you have complete control over your venue seating charts and there is no charge for setting up multiple charts. Oh yea, did we mention there’s no charge for additional venues either?

Improvements on how the system handles pricing for sections, rows and seats for reserved, general admission and combo seating charts. We’re always trying to make complex pricing and discounts flexible and changes easier. Again, you have complete control!


Many visual improvements throughout to make using the system easier to use. We’re always trying to make it easier for patrons too. We’ve been told that our system is one of the cleanest and easiest systems to use on the market and we’re always trying to make it better.

Refinements to the public and backend seating chart management so you can mouse-over individual seats and see row, seat#, price at a glance. This is extremely handy for patrons and administrators to confirm pricing in a complex seating chart.

Ability to sell advance sale tickets before tickets go on sale to the public. Yes, now you can sneak tickets for your buddies behind the scenes before the public has access!

We recently moved to upgraded RAID servers in one of the best data centers in the country and now have full nightly backup on all files and databases as well as 24/7 monitoring of all server functions. We realize that our basic infrastructure is extremely important and we’re positioned to offer one of the best services available.

Discount codes and associated reporting. Add as many as you like. Assign codes to your entire venue or to specific events.

Barcode scanning at the gates for print-at-home tickets. This has been a long time coming and we’ll be rolling this option out soon.

Ability to sell “best available” seating for a reserved seating venue. Why make your patrons work so hard? Simply define your seating chart to assign seats automatically!

Ability to define “upsell” items during the purchase like parking, pre-show events, etc. Have you ever thought that a “pre-show wine and dors d’oeuvre” event would be popular? Well, now you can easily add an option like this to your events. Need to sell parking passes for your entire venue? You can get the job done easily with a few clicks.

Improvements on reporting. We’re always looking for ways to improve our reporting. If you review the system and have a need we’re always glad to consider adding your requests if they make sense for all our users! We’re always open to your ideas to improve.

Need custom, pre-printed tickets? Yes, we can help too. Contact us for more details and pricing.