How To Spot a Good Legal Translation Abu Dhabi?

How To Spot a Good Legal Translation Abu Dhabi?

It is very often in Abu Dhabi that we engage legal translation services to help us with translations. We don’t necessarily look into the quality of work aspect, rather rely on the bigger names. But do they provide us with accurate translations as we require? Are we getting the value for our money or are we being offered run-of-the-mill services? 

This is especially crucial when it comes to legal translation Abu Dhabi. Since the elements at stake are higher in the case of legal translations. Let us take a look at how to distinguish a good translation service from the other to choose the best next time you need it.

Customer Services Offered

Before selecting anywhere to spend our money and get services, this consideration weighs quite heavy nowadays. From dedicated courses to devoted team members, services providers try to excel in customer services these days. It is not just a way of getting more customers for a service provider, but businesses also see this as an added value in their business operations. 

In providing legal translation Abu Dhabi, some reputed service providers provide excellent customer services. From translation services at home to arranging a meeting with respective clients to discuss the task, the services list is long. As a client, choose the one which has created customized website options available for clients. The size or duration of your translation task should not matter in how you are being dealt with by a service provider.

There are approximately 30 different varieties or dialects of the Arabic language across the world. Even within the modern standard Arabic, the pronunciation differs from region to region. The one spoken in Gulf is slightly different from that in Algiers.

This becomes most evident when only interpretations are being sought from service providers, as dialects play an important role in interpretations. Only an experienced and diverse service provider would be able to identify your need as a client and produce customized best legal translation services for you as a client.

Correspondingly, linguists divide English dialects into three general categories. It mainly differs in pronunciations, the addition of localized words and grammatical constructions. Hence it is not just Arabic to English that has to be taken care of in legal translations. It also has an effect when dealt conversely with clients.

Additionally, varieties of other languages also vary from country to country. As a client, it is important to always enquire about the availability and engagement of native speakers for your translation tasks. Experience and understanding of contexts will produce accurate results in legal translations.

Dealing with Technical Nuances

Legal translation is the art of connecting legal and language concepts from one language to another like Hindi to Arabic translation. It is not a simple conversion of a source language to another. The legal system of a country would not be similar to another country as laws are interdisciplinary and are drawn to regulate human activities. 

The constant influx of notions in legal systems means that the language it is expressed in also diversifies with time. This very factor makes legal translation difficult to deal with. One cannot simply use software and produce accurate legal documentation in another language. The terms used in legal disclaimers would slightly differ from those used in policies. 

The details of any legal system in a source language have to be immaculately reproduced in a target language so that the reader understands it immediately. This is not possible with system-assisted translations.

Adhering to Styles and Formats

How To Spot a Good Legal Translation Abu Dhabi?

Translating a legal sentence with its literal replacements in another language could produce damaging results. Legal translations are required to be not only accurate but also idiomatically correct. For instance, ambiguities in literary translations are not seen as a flaw, but in a legal translation company, these have to be avoided.

Particularly, any litigation-related documents or wills and trusts are produced to suit the stylistic conventions of the target legal system. This sometimes entails that the translator makes significant changes to the task in order to achieve a similar understanding from the target reader as in the source. 

Furthermore, your service provider should be able to maintain the tone and level of the language and should keep the work grammatical-error-free. You don’t need a bilingual typist as a client, rather a mixture of knowledge, experience and qualification. Testimonials from previous clients can help you in judging someone’s expertise in these areas before trusting them with your legal translation tasks.

Cultural Connections

With over 150 embassies in UAE, it is common to engage translators every now and then. But does every embassy or language has the same jargon, terms and definitions being used in legal documents? From a simple job experience certificate to a user agreement, the forms and legal vocabulary are different. 

It is up to an experienced translator to understand the legal structure of two languages and the intricacies involved in those. References to some actions and materials might be metaphorically correct and easy to understand in one language, but in another, it is frowned upon. 

For instance, alcohol consumption has different undertones in European and Gulf regions. That is why any particular legal document which is going to be used in courts of law is required to be certified in Abu Dhabi.

Cost Ranges

Lastly, the cost ranges of any legal translation Abu Dhabi are not reflecting how good or bad a translation service would perform. As a client, you need to understand that a bigger translation service might charge you very little for translating personal legal documentation and higher for a legal statement. 

Conversely, a freelancer might ask you for the same costs for all types of legal documentation. It is the complexity of the task which defines the cost range for service-providing companies. Easier tasks are charged less usually and hence you might get distracted that the quality will be compromised if I pay less. It is not just your money; it is the credentials, reputation and time which is also lost if wrong decisions are made for legal translations – choose wisely!