Driving lessons in Brisbane

Learning to drive is one of the greatest life skills you can attain. It takes control, concentration and confidence to become an accomplished driver and that’s where we come in. Here at Andy1st driving school in Loughborough we take the responsibility and honour of teaching you to drive very seriously. We take pride in what we do and have a genuine passion for sharing our knowledge and experience with you, our pupils. Not only will you be getting excellent driving lessons Brisbane, you will be having them delivered by some of the best driving lessons in Brisbane. So, let us tell you a bit more about ourselves.

We are one of the fastest growing driving schools in the country and have a wide range of learning packages aimed at individual needs. Whether you want a female driving lessons delivering an intensive course or a male instructor providing automatic driving lessons, we have something for everyone. We operate a professional personal service, we do not believe a “one size fits all” approach works when providing driving instruction as everyone is different and learns in different ways. To that end we ensure that your lessons are tailored to you and you alone and there will never be anyone else in your lesson.

Providing this unique style of tuition has helped us achieve great pass rates and huge satisfaction for all our pupils. Whether you’re learning in a classroom or in a car your learning style and pace is going to differ from the person next to you. Things you may find easy to manage may cause someone else great difficulty and this is where individual teaching is crucial. We understand that time and money are very important commodities in today’s society and so we don’t want to waste either. So, we spend time getting to know you, assessing your skills and experience and developing a learning plan that is going to get the most out of your time and money. We don’t want to waste valuable time going over and over things you already know or are good at. We’d much rather spend the time working on areas you may struggle with, building your confidence so that you feel more at ease with that particular manoeuvre.

We also believe that there are other things that need to be covered in lessons today. Hazard perception, observational skills and general road awareness are just as important, if not more so than getting the car moving in the first place! Our roads are so much busier these days and so being safe and confident in your decision making is vital to avoiding accidents.

driving lessons Brisbane
driving lessons Brisbane

We have both male and female driving lessons who have worked hard to achieve the standard they have reached. They will have trained for up to 18 months to become an Advanced Driving lessons and they hold all the relevant qualifications. They are professional and patient and are skilled at helping nervous learners. They are very flexible and can offer lessons at a time that is convenient to you. They can also pick you up and drop you off at a place that suits. It may be that it’s easier to be collected from work or college to save you having to get home and out again. Perhaps you’re learning whilst on holiday from college or work and so collecting from home is easier. We try and accommodate all your needs.

Now, you may prefer to learn the more traditional way of taking weekly lessons. This is something we can offer and provide discounts on block bookings. We can arrange a surprise pick up if the lessons are for a gift. Alternatively, for a raft of different reasons, you may prefer to take an intensive course which provides the same excellent tuition but it is executed in a slightly different way. As the name suggests, the course is intense – by that we mean that it involves a lot of daily driving rather than the normal one hour a week. You could be driving up to 5 hours a day but you could have passed your test in less than a fortnight. This course is not for everyone and we always recommend chatting it over with an instructor first to make sure this sort of course is right for you. We also offer PassPlus courses for new drivers which helps provide extra knowledge, experience and confidence. The course was designed to reduce the number of accidents involving new drivers and so drivers who take this course are rewarded by reductions in their car insurance premiums in some cases.

Whatever course you decide on and however or whenever you choose to take your lessons you can be assured you will be getting only the best driving lessons Brisbane. Please call us for more details.