Tagging = Social Bookmarking Success

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Tagging used to refer just to the tags that you placed in your web site’s HTML to indicate certain types of formatting or commands. Tagging today often refers to something entirely different. When you hear the terms “tagged” or “tagging” in conversation today, it could very well refer to a phenomenon called social bookmarking. Social … Read moreTagging = Social Bookmarking Success


As we move towards 2018, SEO is becoming more important as the competition in every sector gets tougher day by day. If you want to get found online, it is important to hire the best SEO Company in Colorado. Every business website owner should try to make the website ready for the coming year keeping … Read moreHOW TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE READY FOR 2018?

Colorado Springs SEO

Colorado Springs SEO

SEO is more than a number name: Find out how Yes, you read that right. The real goal of any SEO campaign would be engagement. Colorado Springs SEO Company would focus on engaging your audience in the best possible manner. Though experts SEO help websites rank well in Google and other search engines and drive more … Read moreColorado Springs SEO

Step Checklist for Proactive Compliance Monitoring

Ponemon Cost Of Data Breach

Cognetyx has been set up keeping in mind the end goal to help organizations like yours to be certain you are working inside the rules of the perplexing minefield of frameworks. Give Cognetyx a chance to take the complexities away and give your organization the correct approach documentation, our experience implies we can make this … Read moreStep Checklist for Proactive Compliance Monitoring

How To Use Ponemon Data Breach To Desire

Electronic Health Records Security

In just a few years, the site has attained a staggering user. On the site was threatened by an anonymous hacker collective that its data, including users personal information, would be released to the public unless the site was shut down. The site refused to close down, and as a result, the threat became real … Read moreHow To Use Ponemon Data Breach To Desire

Needs To Know About The Ponemon Cost Of Data Breach

Proactive compliance monitoring

In one incident about a year ago, I notified a large multi-national insurance provider of a data breach incident. This multi-national insurance company specialized in providing insurance coverage for low-income families . I discovered the incident on the now defunct black market Evolution, a bad actor trafficking insurance records that had Personal Identification Information also … Read moreNeeds To Know About The Ponemon Cost Of Data Breach