top fashion stylists in nyc

Be Your Own Fashion Stylist

What does it take to be a top fashion stylists in nyc these days? We women have an inbuilt weakness for all things fashion, be it clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, even pets, you name it. If it’s fashionable we want to know about it. But with all this fashion comes great responsibility, you need to know what to wear, how to wear it, when to wear it and when not to wear it. All this can be tiring for one individual to comprehend. That’s where the stylists come in to play. They know what colours go where and how to put it all together.

For those who can’t afford to have a high profile stylists and don’t trust those ‘too nice to tell you the truth’ friends, we’re going to tell you the utter basics for fashion and turn you into your own personal Fashionista this winter.

top fashion stylists in nyc

First of all, you want to stay warm this winter, and it is possible to look good and not sacrifice all feeling in your bones from freezing to death.

The first accessory of course, is the winter coat.

The theme of clothing this year, and this can be seen in countless fashion shows, is poverty. So you’re likely to see jackets and coats that have the ‘tattered’ and ‘patchy’ look coming back from the dead, but still with a stylish flare, colours and cuts that flatter the figure. Make sure that when you buy your winter coat (because you will definitely need it –  brrr) you grab one with a colour and style that suits your figure.

There are also a large amount of ponchos being seen now, whenever I’m out and about. They look cute and they’re so warm, don’t be without one. Simply wear them with some tight jeans and boots and you’re ready to face the cold!

Next, leggings and jeans. As going with the style of the season, you will see alot of jeans with ‘rips’ and ‘patches’ in the knees. You know what style I mean.  If you’re going to go with this style, make sure you wear tights or leggings underneath your jeans so as not to freeze. Simple and it still looks good!

Third are beanies. The type of beanie in this seen is definitely the ‘boyfriend’ type. These cover your ears, look great with your hair down and are super cute. You’ll see them around alot this season so don’t catch yourself without one!

Fourth are gloves. Now, it seems like designers want us to freeze this year with half cut gloves and fingerless ones. You don’t have to let your fingers fall off this winter; you can grab a pair of fully covered gloves and still look good. The best type of gloves to go with anything is the leather ones and they’re very warm on the inside. Grab some this winter, you won’t regret it.

Last must have for this season are, BOOTS!

I personally love boots. They keep your feet covered, warm, and most importantly they look great with anything! Over-the-knee boots are slowly but surely creeping into our wardrobes in large numbers. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from, they look good on anyone, with anything.

So there you go. Some of my suggestions to look fashionable this year, without the high fashion price tag. Enjoy your winter, stay looking good and keep warm!