All About Organic Clothing Kids

Tilly and Jasper is a very unique company.  We believe that natural Organic Clothing Kids Should start from the under to the outer, hence the name “Tilly and Jasper”. Therefore our collection of Organic Clothing Kids starts With the basic essential such as underwear and undershirts.

Tilly and Jasper is also unique because of the fact that we use organic cotton, which is known throughout the world for being the most durable and softest cotton available.

Not only do we take pride in using organic cotton, but we are also honoured to produce our product responsibly for the Environment and our workers.  The farm and manufacturing area for Tilly and Jasper is located in the delta of Egypt. Here, our Manufacturer has built a community based on healthy living for both the workers and the environment.  On the premises there is a schoolhouse for the workers’ children, a hospital, and a cafeteria that serves three free organic meals a day.  A holistic approach is practiced in everyday life and in working activities.

Every caution is taken to assure that the environment stays clean of toxins from the time the ground is prepared for the cottonseed, to the spinning and weaving of the cotton into yarn.  Every detail for Tilly and Jasper production is attended to. This includes 100 % cotton thread for sewing, metal parts free of nickel, and even a cotton neck label.

Organic Clothing Kids
Organic Clothing Kids

Come behind the scenes with Tilly and Jasper and find out how our cotton is grown, woven, and sewn.


Tilly and Jasper uses cotton according to the organic guidelines for agriculture without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  Only compost made from plant and manure is used as a natural fertilizer.  Special caring methods without any chemicals were developed for the cotton.  For example, pheromone and water traps are used against fleas, worms and caterpillars.

The cultivation of cotton without pesticides or insecticides ensures that the cotton remains 100% organic while protecting the health of the people working on the cotton fields.  Only the mature cotton is carefully picked by hand, thus the best quality is achieved.  AS Egyptian cotton has very long fibers, it can be manufactured into especially soft fabrics, which in return translates into extremely gentle, comfortable, long wearing clothing for your child.

The Center of Organic Agriculture in Egypt regularly controls and certifies the compliance with these regulations.

Ginning and Spinning

After the harvest the raw cotton is brought to the ginning mill where the cottonseeds are carefully separated from the fibers.  The cotton is combed and pressed to big bales.  Then it is spun in one of the most modern spinning mills of Egypt.

Due to the different preparing steps of cleaning, mixing and combing, as well as the careful spinning itself, an evenly high quality is reached.  A comparably high quality is only reached in less than 5% of all yarn in the world.

Dyeing and Knitting

The cotton yarn then goes through the dyeing and knitting process.  As a matter of principal, Tilly and Jasper organic clothing kids are not bleached.  Some are left in the natural tone of the raw cotton.  However, as clothes also express joy of life and natural individuality coloured kids organic clothing complete our collection.  The dyeing of the yarn or the material is done with metal free colours, not containing any harmful chemicals.  Our aim during the dyeing process is to use only such agents and processes that are environmentally sound and, at the same time, ensure the high quality standard.  All the organic clothing kids that we use are evenly dyed and do not fade out even after heavy use and many washes.  In order to get the very soft and tender material for Tilly and Jasper collection; the cotton yarn is handled with great care during the knitting or weaving process.  All auxiliaries used, must either be recyclable or be biodegradable to at least 90%.  For example, for the weaving process only natural starch is used.

Washing and finishing

The cotton fiber is heavily stretched during the process of knitting, weaving and dyeing, and it will shrink again when put into water.  To anticipate this shrinkage the material is prewashed on the premises.   By means of sanforizing, a mechanical process, the shrinkage is minimized to a maximum of 4% for all our clothing.  During the entire process of dyeing and finishing we take great care to only use such methods, which do not affect the natural features of the cotton like its high respiration activity, which is very important to your child’s skin.


Unlike the conventional organic cotton clothing production, Tilly and Jasper completes its line of organic cotton clothing by using real cotton threads, buttons made of wood, bone, or mother of pearl, and metal parts free of nickel.

At Tilly and Jasper we take pride in protecting your children and our environment.  We look forward to giving you a safe, natural way to clothe your child.