5 Gym Outfit Trends You Need To Know About: For Her

Nothing says more about you at the gym than what you wear and although everyone says nobody is watching – everyone knows that they are. Just having a quick glance around the gym makes it easy to separate the newbies from the try-hards, the Insta-famous from the wannabe celebs and the serious lifters from the weekend warriors.

Keeping up to date with on-trend gym outfits is exhausting. Luckily, we are on hand to do the searching for you. We’ve got you covered with both outfit trends and clothing to keep you up to date and current. Make sure you fit into the right gym crowd with:

Five Gym Outfit Trends You Need To Know

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1. Cropped Hoodies

You can never ever go wrong with a fresh, stylish hoodie and one that’s cropped is even better. Flaunt a little bit of taut gym-stomach or highlight high waisted joggers with this gym essential. Perfect for those colder autumn nights, winter months or just simply to look stylish, playful and fun.

Pull on over your outfit for a cosier journey to the gym and hide away sweaty hair after your workout with a soft hood. It’s even better if you can find a hoodie that is infinitely soft and cosy to sink into after a hardcore, sore muscle inducing workout.

2. Mesh Panels

Mesh panelling is huge in 2018 with the biggest brands and stars rocking the transparent activewear. Choose mesh not only for style but for cooling during your workouts without looking like a lost hiker. As the style gets more and more popular, brands are now extending their range of mesh items from the typical cut up the side of leggings to vests and even sports bras. Show a little skin with just the right amount of cut out mesh for a sexier yet practical gym look. Definitely one to shop for in 2018.

3. High Waisted Leggings

ladies gym wear uk

High. Waist. Everything.

High waisted leggings are a blessing in disguise to flatter the legs and accentuate the booty. Whether you love a good rouche around the bum to make it look like you squat way more than you do or a practical style with pockets is more your thing, keep a pair of high waisted leggings closeby.

One thing to note is to check the sizing, as legging waistbands tend to stretch out (along with your stomach) after meals. Making sure you have a range of these leggings will come in handy to suit all situations. Thicker materials can keep you warm through those cooler evenings on the way to the gym, and lighter materials will give your skin more air to breathe. Go for a size that still fits comfortably but is slightly smaller to stop you having to pull them up all the time.

It is worthwhile mentioning that high waisted joggers are also becoming a big thing for those of you who like a little bit more comfort (and want to look like you’re going for a workout while pigging out on the sofa!).

4. Tied tops

To make your stomach appear toned and your waist small, opt to tie your gym tops into a knot at the front. Not may tops actually have the tie ribbons that were that 2010 trend no one likes to talk about anymore – but simple tying up a top yourself is the best way to look effortlessly stylish while also not getting annoyed with your baggy top getting in the way every time you go to pick up a weight.

You can vary the tie position too; go for just above the belly button for the classic look, or experiment tying at the side or at the back to make your legs look longer and your booty bigger. You’ll see influencers doing this all over Insta to look their best in snaps, and what’s the point in going to the gym if you can’t take a good selfie?

5. Full sets

You know you’ve really got your life together when you turn up to the gym in a full, colour matching set. Matching leggings, tops and sports bras and even shoes are now a thing, and no, they don’t have to be one plain colour – opt for wilder patterns on days you’re feeling good and want to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you pair with a plain pair of shoes to avoid clashing though!  Apart from making you look great, the extra confidence boost you’ll get from a matching set will do you the world of wonders when it comes to your lifts. Knowing you look good in the gym is sometimes all it takes to hit that PB.


So to keep your workouts banging and your moods high, go for these gym outfit trends. Getting to love your body in a good pair of leggings right now while working towards your future body is definitely the way to go. Make sure you’ve got those high waisted leggings and cropped hoodies ready to go by checking out RIPT Performance’s ladies gym wear UK, and you’ll never want to miss a workout again.

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